Sea Urchin are beautiful creatures    are small, spiny, globular animals that, with their close kin, such as sand dollars .The shell is round and spiny . Common colors include black and dull shades of green, olive, brown, purple, blue, and red. Sea Urchins are common in the shorelines of the Philippines..  Their roe is a delicacy in many cuisines.

The name “urchin” is an old name for the round spiny hedgehogs, which sea urchins resemble.When eaten, of course the spines are being removed leaving only the shells. The shells of Sea Urchins are beautiful materials which can be made into a variety of handicrafts.

Jojo Vito Designs has variety of products of real sea urchins. However, since the shells are breakable Jojo Vito Designs Gallery opted to mimic the shells in  a fiber glass materials  to create lamps, chandeliers, corporate giveaways and this candle holders.


The fiber glass Sea Urchins are then painted with vivid solid colors to make it more lively when given as a gift or a s a table top accessory.

This Sea Urchin Candle Holders can be created in varying heights to create different dimensions when displayed as a group.

Jojo Vito Designs Gallery accepts corporate and volume orders to follow the color and height specifications of the buyers.This sea urchins are also best as holders of airplant and even as a vase for small and cute cactus.


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